Gravel Culture: Tuscany Trail 2021 – A photo story

Posted By Gravel Union On 21 July 2021

The 7th edition of the world famous Tuscany Trail took place at the very end of May. With a total distance of 473km and nearly 7000m of ascent to take on, the riders were in for a good challenge.

With the event now safely completed and the organisers having caught up on their sleep, they sent us in a fantastic selection of images which we present to you here as a record of this year’s event.

Just in case you forget what you’re doing

Ready to go

Goodies for everyone

Post-ride footwear

Wobbling around the walls of Lucca

I forgot to pack my climbing legs

I didn’t think Tuscany was so hilly

Race faces

Smiles for the photographer

What’s the collective noun for a group of bikepackers?

Pranzo a sacco (picnic lunch)

Followed by a siesta

Not a bad view

Archetypal Tuscany

Pre-dinner aperitivo anyone?

Tonight’s accommodation is bound to be at the top of the hill

It’s not all sunshine and dusty trails you know

Pose for the camera please

So beautiful it could be a Hollywood film set

This is all mine

Hoping that a tractor doesn’t drive along here anytime soon.

Sunset colours

Strada bianche

Heading out to Orbetello


Come back and visit us again soon?